Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New beginnings

This is the start of a blog that I’ve been meaning to get around to writing on for a while. Writing is one of those things that makes me feel comfortable, but as much as I enjoy writing fictional stories and novels, this blog will be for my own amusement and I’m not yet entirely sure of what it will entail. While I express myself through my writing, I find that I’m influenced plenty by reading books of others.

I’m currently a student at a sixth form in North East England, and going through the process of considering my post-18 options. I’m a vegetarian and pretty enthusiastic regarding charity work. I find myself drawn to the idea of learning new things and being in a search for inspiration in anything that I can. Hopefully, this blog will be a new place to both represent and find inspiration.

Oh, and my name is Ashley.

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A.P said...

You Love writing? That makes two of us. I created a new blog recently as well.

Follow each other?