Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Relay for life

I've always been pretty enthusiastic when it comes down to charity work, so the past weekend was amazing getting to spend time with friends, as well as doing a relay for cancer research at the same time. I've been doing this for a few years now, and I've realised that it's more than likely to rain on the day of the relay. Nevertheless, a waterlogged field wouldn't stop this event from happening. To me, the most challenging thing is the idea that one person from each team should be on the track at all times. The relay lasts from 11am Saturday until the next morning on Sunday, which proves to get tough at 3am... During the day, people can choose to draw or write messages on candle bags to dedicate them to people who have cancer, had cancer, or just in the hope that others can fight cancer. The candle bags are lined around the track and lined up to spell out words, and I can't help but be moved when I read the messages on them. My favourite part is walking around the track when it's dark and you can see the messages light up. Each year is great and if there's an event like this near you, I encourage you to take part. 

{Tents pitched in the middle field, while team members walk around the track} 

 {Candle bags lit up with drawings and messages written on are lit up around the track}

{Candle bags lined up on a hill to spell out "HOPE"}

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